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Kat's Bengals


Bengal cats are smart, curious, agile, playful and lovable animals. The Bengal cat derives its name from the wild Asian Leopard Cat Felis Bengalensis. After breeding the inherent appearance of the wild cat with certain pedigreed domestics the Bengal was achieved. They have evolved from the cross-breeding of the small forest dwelling cat through four generations. During that time they are considered Foundation Cats. In order for the cat to be recognized as a Bengal it must be at least four generations removed from its wild ancestors. From that point forward they are known as Stud Book Tradition (SBT) Bengals. Through selective breeding we are able to retain the 10-12% wild blood by crossing only SBT to SBT Bengals but enjoy the personality and behavior of a very intelligent domesticated cat that never ceases to amaze.

The fascination with water is seen in the Bengal behavior as the Asian Leopard Cat hunted for food in the water. Don't be surprised if your cat wants to take a bath with you or drink out of the faucet. In short, water does it for them. They like to hang out in high places around the home and follow your every move. Once or twice a day your Bengal will break into song just to hear their own voice. Bengals love children and other pets.

Your Bengal will be the best cat that has ever owned you!

Below is an example of how the breed was formed, using the wild asian leopard cat, and the household Ocicat.